9th February, 2022

Heat Pumps Vs Solar Hot Water

Hot water is an essential amenity in every modern home today and like everything, comes at a price. Those prices vary immensely among the many different options available on the market. 


Choosing which hot water system is suitable for you is easy when you think about what is important to you and your family. If it is energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendliness, then a solar hot water system or a heat pump is the way to go.


Only until recently solar hot water systems were the most popular choice for homeowners wanting to decrease their carbon footprint. They are now competing alongside hot water Heat Pumps which are proving to have just as many benefits, if not more.


Initial Installation Costs Ranges from $2,000 to $8,000 approx. Ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 approx. 
Running Costs Run purely off solar energy to heat the water and require zero electricity to operate (unless a booster is required). Use electricity to operate a compressor that transfers the heat from the air to the water tank to heat the water. Running costs per year are between $200-$400.
Maintenance Being in direct sunlight, they are more likely to be damaged by being constantly exposed to the elements. Solar panels require regular cleaning to continue to operate at their maximum capacity. Heat pumps require similar maintenance to regular hot water systems – a service every 2-3 years.
Cost-Effectiveness Solar systems require zero electricity to run while the sun is out. But during the night and on overcast days, the systems are not able to heat hot water without being boosted by gas or electricity – which will increase running costs. Heat Pumps do not require a booster because they do not rely on weather conditions to operate. They operate at approximately 300% efficiency and if the homeowner has electric solar panels they will have virtually no running costs.
Author: Reece Hatton @ Ritz Plumbing