Split System Airconditioners

Split system airconditioners are a fantastic choice for many households in Perth.

They are cost effective, easy to use with many different functions to help you reach the ideal temperature and climate within your home.

Ritz Plumbing and Electrical offers:

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How does a split system work?

As soon as you power on a split system aircon, it releases refrigerant that passes through the cooling ducts.

When the gas travels through the condenser, it cools down and turns into a liquefied form. 

The liquefied gas then enters the evaporator, expands and turns back into its original gas form. The gas continues to inflate as the internal temperature drops sharply. The gas travels back to the condenser, and the process is repeated a few times.

The outer unit sucks the air out of the room through its evaporating coils. The air cools down and is transferred into the room again. Split systems regulate the airflow with gas condensation until the required temperature is achieved. 

You can set the temperature using the remote control – once the room reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically turn off.

Why split systems are a great choice:

  • They regulate maximum airflow preventing dust and other allergens from circulating the room.
  • Once they have reached the desired temperature set on the controller, the compresser reduces its operating power, maximizing efficiency even further.
  • They will keep your home cool in summer but also have a heating function so you do not need to worry about heating solutions during those colder months.

Why Ritz Plumbing and Electrical?

Peace of mind

At Ritz Plumbing and Electrical, our plumbers, electricians and technicians are all highly qualified and experienced in split system airconditioning installations.

Have peace of mind, the installation will be done right the first time.

Fast Service

Ritz Plumbing and Electrical guarantee same day service for most services on offer.

Our large team have the capacity to offer fast, reliable service to the people of Perth.

We stock a range of split system aircons for any last minute installations so be rest assured, even if you call us last minute, we have got you covered.

Quality Solutions

Our expert split system installers can advise you on the best option for your home and family.

We will attend with no call out fee, inspect the site and while taking into account your individual needs, we will recommend the best brand and size that will tick all your boxes.

We are eager to hear from you

Ritz Plumbing and Electrical is a licensed plumbing company that comprise of highly skilled plumbers, electricians and technicians to assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of split system air conditioners.

We guarantee any air conditioning solution we recommend will operate smoothly and efficiently with no problems. 

Ritz Plumbing and Electrical ensures the split system works smoothly for years to come without causing any problems.

Perth residents dial 137-489 or email us to schedule an appointment. Ritz Plumbing and Electrical operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist its clients. 

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Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen

Awesome service; from the initial call to the completed job. The toilet installed was smooth and hassle free. Love the work and price

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Brooke Haseldine

Fantastic service from the team at Ritz Plumbing. They had my problem fixed immediately at a great price. Highly recommend.

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Henry Gibson

Had them out to clear my blocked drain. couldn’t fault the service they provided. From the detailed explanation of the cause of the problem, to the clean up job at the end!

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Anna Papalia

Fixed our taps and replaced hot water system. We were extremely happy with how prompt they were. Seamless stress free process. Highly recommended.

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Amazing experience! Ritz plumbing came in and got all the jobs done with no fuss at all. Easy communication and affordable! Will definitely be using their services again!

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Rosa Barclay

Ritz Plumbing removed our old gas hot water system and replaced it with a new one. They were on time, quick and very professional.
Excellent service and I would highly recommend them.
Rosa Barclay

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Alex Stephens
Alex Stephens

Had plumbers from ritz out to look at my hot water unit, they were very professional and knowledgeable, gave me a quote for a new heater and were very prompt with the installation, it was great quality, service and a great price too, will definitely use them for all my plumbing needs!

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Zane Loh
Zane Loh

I had a plumber from Ritz come out and look at my leaking toilet,Very prompt and professional.

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Product Information

Kaden Air

Kaden split system air conditioners can be mounted on the wall and separately come with an outdoor system.

You can place it easily outside where you see fit. The outdoor system comes with an air processor. On the other hand, the internal system comes with an evaporator and a fan. Beautifully, the two systems work to improve the indoor temperature. 

  • Kaden Split systems come with two reverse cycles—meaning they will warm and cool the room.
    There are also pipes between the two systems responsible for transporting refrigerant to heat or cool down the air.
  • The split systems come with a turbo feature that will instantly change the temperature inside the room.
    Furthermore, the “Follow Me” segment will concentrate airflow at the room inhabitants’ location.
    It works with two blades, constantly working to evenly distribute the airflow.
  • Scheduling on/off feature that saves energy and improves efficiency

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner uses clean air technology with innovative assistance.

It comes with specific parts, systems, functions installed inside the split system to purify the internal air. Special filters catch pollutants, contaminants, allergens, and very fine dust particles.

  • The innovative technology is based on their patent Avanti and Avanti PLUS air conditioners. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner comes with a special self-clean operation to provide smell-free air. On the other hand, the Allergen Clear Operation battles the mold, virus, and bacteria in the air, preventing future growth.
    It is the perfect choice for individuals with frequent allergy and asthma diagnoses.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner combines the R32 refrigerant with Avanti and Bronte series to provide leading energy-efficient split systems in the market.
    As a result, these air conditioners produce the same results and comfort while consuming less electricity. Resultantly, there are fewer running costs with its 2.0kW model, the premiere system in the air conditioners in Australia.

Panasonic Split Systems

Panasonic wide dimensions offer capacities from 2.5kW to 8.0kW, making it the perfect solution for your bedroom, home, or lounging area.

  • Panasonic systems are focused on sustainability and preserving the environment. Therefore, all the wall air conditioning systems use R32 refrigerant to reduce the harmful impact of air cooling systems. However, energy efficiency and air quality are not compromised.
  • Panasonic split systems use an Anti-Bacterial Filter that purifies the air and removes harmful contaminants such as bacteria and microbes. As a result, the air is amplified for you and your family, adding comfort.
  • Most Panasonic systems come with mobile application control. The Comfort Cloud App and WLAN offer easy controlling, monitoring of energy usage, and efficiency modes. 
  • The outdoor units are compact and can fit in the tightest of places.

Carrier Air Split Systems

Carrier Air system offers efficiency and reliability without the high cost. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty with its eco-friendly certificates.

The final package comes with an indoor and outdoor unit, an installation kit, a user manual, and remote control.

Control Modes

  • Cool, Dry, and Auto modes
  • My Mode perceives your mood
  • Eco-Sleep is perfect for night-time cooling and energy consumption
  • X-ECO is energy efficiency mode above the usual features
  • High-Power mode activates the self-cleaning feature
  • The Follow Me mode senses the location of the room inhabitants and monitors the internal temperature successfully.


  • 4 fan offers custom air distribution according to your liking
  • Silent airflow and automated management regarding airflow.
  • Slim indoor unit for an aesthetic look
  • The Carrier Air split symptoms are perfect for residential and commercial buildings like hotels, schools, hospices, and old-age homes.

Mitsubishi electric air conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the parent firm of the two companies. It was established in 1870.

However, at the time, it was called the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company. The parent company decided to open a branch in Japan in 1921 and named it Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

As the companies evolved and grew, they became competitors. Now the two fight for the same customer and market share in intense yet healthy market competition.

  • Mitsubishi electric air comes with a prolonged minimum cooling, resulting in high energy consumption when leaving it working at night. Furthermore, these air conditions will not emit any noise. However, they are not quieter than the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries mentioned above.
  • Regardless, many customers choose to buy Mitsubishi electric air conditioners. These are easy to understand, so the customers can learn to operate them more quickly. However, Mitsubishi Electric ACs have a low optimal cooling capacity, making them less effective in humid and warm Perth, Aussie weather.


LG split systems is an innovative idea to introduce sleekness and modernity to your choice of living.

The split air systems come with user-friendly features. The manufacturer offers air system in numerous categories that protects the customers from undeniable heat in Perth, Australia:


  • Pressing the “Energy Control” button will minimize the compressor’s speed. Thus, reducing the power requirement. The customer enjoys a long period of coolness with reduced electricity expense.
  • LG air converters also come with Wi-Fi control. It minimizes the running cost and provides real-time user assistance to alert when energy consumption breaks the average ceiling. You can use the LG Smart AC app to easily access and control the air conditioner right from your phone.
  • The Standby Mode automatically activates three minutes after the AC has been turned off. It cuts the power to the outdoor component while maintaining electricity to the inner part. 
  • The Plasmaster cleaning function reduces mold build-up and bacteria growth during the warm air brewing inside the air conditioner.
  • LG split air systems improve the air quality and do not emit off-putting noise.


Fujitsu is a Japanese appliance brand that focuses on domestic and kitchen technologies.

It is a famous brand for cost-effective appliances for long-term use. Before we get into the reasons for installing Fujitsu split systems, here are its salient features:


  • Fujitsu split systems provide excellent airflow with assistive technology in the long run. You will experience cool air like never before in under a few seconds of turning on the AC. The split system will cool down the room from all directions faster than the competitors.
  • Fujitsu split systems work silently without noise pollution. They will run in the background while you host dinners, get-togethers, or at night. Who knows, you may find the humming sound soothing?
  • The Fujitsu air systems offer a free sleek design other than efficient performance. Every individual model is slim and modern, accommodating the interior aesthetic.

Why purchase Fujitsu air conditioners?

Fujitsu split air systems are committed to technological development with aircon technology. Since its inception, the manufacturer has secured patent technologies, such as self-cleaning filters, optimized airflow, emergency handling, and support system.

Fujitsu air systems are also environmentally friendly by practicing the 3R approach. The manufacturer takes an active approach to recycling and reusing to reduce switching costs and provide technology that works well with the environment.

Toshiba split systems

Toshiba spit systems purify the air with their built-in air filter to catch the dust and mold.

It will severely limit the microbial growth in the air, protecting your loved ones’ health. Furthermore, the filter removes quickly, replaces easily, and cleans efficiently.

  • Magic CoilTM is an anti-stain technology developed by Toshiba to deliver premium air to its customer. The air conditioner is coated with a particular layer that prevents dust particles from sticking to it. Thus, it does not compromise the quality of the air.
  • The Toshiba technology aids in severely reducing the cooling time to eliminate energy wastage. Resultantly, the standard deviation of the intended temperature and the room temperature is 3.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Toshiba cooling systems are here to stay. They are highly reliable and long-term, providing appliances that will save electricity. At the same time, you enjoy innovative modern measures such as Power Selection and Eco Mode mode.