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Often likened to solar power without the sun, a heat pump system is a very effective hot water system for both your property and your savings.

Heat pumps use an advanced method to extract energy from the air around us. The extracted energy is used to heat your water which is stored in a tank – ready for immediate use!

If you’re skeptical about storage-type hot water systems, you will be pleased to know that heat pumps have the ability act as an on demand hot water system, when required, by temporarily  running at a reduced energy efficiency.

Heat pump hot water systems can be combined with solar PV panels for an even more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Making the switch to a heat pump is a breeze — with interest free finance plans available and fast and easy installs that can directly replace most old systems. Give the friendly team at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical a call on 13 74 89 to find out how much you can save on your bills.

Find out how much you can save!

When you make the easy switch from your existing legacy system to a heat pump, your hot water costs can be drastically reduced.

Not only will the potential savings add up, you will save money by taking part in the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme!

Take advantage of the generous rebates that come with taking part in the initiative whilst making a good investment in your property and the planet with a heat pump hot water system.

At Ritz Plumbing & Electrical, we make the claims process easy and hassle free. We’ll handle the paperwork on your behalf and reduce the cost of your heat pump before it’s even installed, so you won’t have to wait before beginning to enjoy the savings benefits.

Give the friendly team at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical a call  on 13 74 89 to see how much you can be saving on your power bills.

Make the switch to an advanced heat pump today and experience the feeling of sustainable hot water.

How do you get hot water from the air?

There is plenty of energy in air molecules to keep them in a gaseous state (less energy means the molecules would be liquid or solid).

The heat pump uses a small bit of electricity to extract some of this energy into an evaporator. This process causes the liquid refrigerant inside to become a gas (the molecules get more energy). Then the gas refrigerant is compressed in a condenser. This process makes the energised molecules release heat (AKA thermal energy). This heat is then stored and ready to be used in your hot water.

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient at extracting energy from air — for every unit of electricity they use they can produce up to 4X that amount of energy! Potentially saving you up to 80% on your power bills.

Give the experienced team at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical a call on 13 74 89 to see how you can pull savings out of the thin air with a heat pump hot water system.

Do Heat Pumps Work When It's Cold?

Yes! Rain, hail or shine — in Perth, there is enough energy in the air to keep your water warm.

Heat pump hot water systems usually operate down to temperatures as low as -5ºC (some models can even operate at lower temperatures)! This makes them a popular option for heating water even in cold climates like the UK.

Despite Perth’s reputation as a hot and sunny city, locals know that our winter lows are downright chilly — colder even than Sydney! In spite of our cold evenings, the lowest ever recorded temperature for the Perth metro area is -0.7ºC — safely within the heat pump operation zone!

Turn Your Heat Pump into an Energy Store!

Combine the energy from the air with the power of the sun and bask in the glow of the savings! When you combine a heat pump with solar PV panels, your hot water system becomes like a thermal battery — storing 18+kW of energy!

By combining the two, not only will you be helping the environment, you can increase your property value and may reduce your energy costs to nothing.

Heat pumps need to use some electricity to be able to extract the energy from the air. Even though heat pumps use a lot less paid-for energy than other hot water systems, the savings can really add up if you’re powering your hot water with solar!

Combine your heat pump system with solar PV panels and your hot water could take care of itself! Plus, any surplus energy your panels may generate can be used for your other electricity requirements or get sent back to the grid for a profit.

To top it off, heat pump hot water systems and solar panels are both eligible for rebates under the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme.

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Our Heat Pumps

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