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Reverse cycle ducted aircons are an excellent option for beating the heat on even the hottest days of the year. Being able to quickly cool your Perth home is essential when it comes to having a relaxing West Australian summer.

To top it off, with reverse cycle technology you can maintain your comfort all year round, keeping your household cool in summer and warm throughout winter. With a ducted air conditioning system, you can channel and disperse cool air throughout your home to achieve your desired level of comfort in every room.

As air conditioning experts, we stand behind reverse cycle ducted aircons as the best all-round solution for whole house heating and cooling in Perth!

Not sure if it’s right for you? We also offer evaporative aircon and split system aircon services, and will be more than happy to discuss with you the most suitable option for your home & family.

Year-round heating & cooling

Beat the heat in summer and stay toasty warm in winter with the flexibility of reverse cycle technology.

Zoning for personal comfort in every room

Set the temperature individually in each room, and avoid the arguments on whether it’s too cold or too hot.

Tailored to your home

As many or as few outlets as required to keep your entire house comfortable, regardless of the size. We’ll provide a tailored solution for your home.

What is Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning?

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner takes in the outside air, both hot or cold, and draws it over an evaporator coil. Inside the evaporator coil is a refrigerant that is able to absorb the heat from the outside air or work in reverse and warm the air depending on the temperature you set. The conditioned air is then blown throughout your home through a series of strategically placed ducts and vents to ensure whole house comfort.

In Perth’s scorching summer months, a ducted reverse cycle system can quickly cool the entire home on even the hottest days. With the added benefit of year-round climate control you can also rapidly dispel the winter chill — all with only one system to maintain!

Because reverse cycle technology utilises heat exchange, it’s an incredibly energy efficient way to warm your household over traditional gas or portable heaters. For added energy savings, with ducted zoning you can choose what areas of your home to heat or cool to condition the air where you need it.

This makes ducted reverse cycle air conditioning an environmentally responsible choice for whole house heating and cooling, and is a safer option for households over portable heaters and gas heating.

Why Choose a Ducted Reverse Cycle System?

Year-round climate control capabilities ensure you can keep cool in summer and warm in winter with only one system to maintain.
Works well in large spaces to provide whole house heating or cooling to maintain the comfort of your entire household.
Energy efficient system making use of heat exchange properties to effectively adjust the temperature in your home to suit your preferences.
Works in high humidity and on the hottest and coldest days Perth experiences — with optimum operating ranges of -15°C to 50°C being standard for modern models of ducted air conditioners.
No need for open doors or windows if security is a concern.

Our team will be happy to discuss your needs, and recommend the most suitable and affordable system to keep your entire house cool. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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