Quickly heat up your water with an electric system.

Our electric hot water systems range in size from small household systems to large commercial systems that deliver unlimited hot water. All of our products are from well-known and well-respected manufacturers and brands. Choose from classic standing electric hot water systems with traditional tanks in a variety of sizes to accommodate any family, or energy-saving continuous flow devices.

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Electric Hot Water System

Dux range

Ritz Plumbing & Electrical is a proud supplier and installer of Dux Hot Water Systems. Dux has developed cutting-edge technologies that have helped households minimise their hot water expenses while exceeding consumer expectations, thanks to a strong focus on research and development.

Rheem range

Rheem has been the trusted provider of hot water in millions of Australian houses since manufacturing its first water heater in 1939. With Rheem, you’ll get steady, hot and strong water constantly – it’s their guarantee.

Rinnai range

For nearly 50 years, millions of Australian households have been enjoying the comfort and reliability of Rinnai’s appliances in particular their hot water systems. Rinnai is often a customer’s first choice when it comes to hot water.


STIEBEL ELTRON is dedicated to making residential water heating more efficient. Today, hot water is taken for granted, but STIEBEL ELTRON takes pleasure in designing unique and inventive hot water systems to help you save money on your utility bills.

Thermann range

Thermann Hot Water is a 100% Australian-owned company dedicated to the highest production standards in order to suit the needs of today's household. Thermann Hot Water systems have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they meet Australian regulations.

Vulcan range

Vulcan is a leading option for hot water heaters. Vulcan is renowned for high-quality and performance while maintaining a very affordable price. Manufactured by Rheem Australia, Vulcan also offers the benefit of being easily serviced and repaired as parts can easily be acquired by our plumbers and technicians.