Heat your water with natural gas

A gas hot water storage system is  convenient and cost-effective option for any property that has an existing natural gas connection.

Gas storage systems work by using a gas burner to heat your water extremely quickly. This heated water is then stored in a tank ready for your immediate use.

Since natural gas is a cheap source of energy compared to electricity, you can save big on your power bills by using your gas connection to keep your water warm.

Unlike electric systems, gas hot water systems have the added bonus of being able to operate during  a power outage!

Our gas hot water storage options range from modest and affordable systems for small households to heavy-duty systems that can provide virtually unlimited hot water to large commercial properties.

If your property or home does not have an existing gas connection but you would like to benefit from having a gas storage hot water system, call our friendly team to see what our plumbers and gasfitters can do for you! Reach the Ritz team today on 13 74 89.

At Ritz Plumbing & Electrical, we believe no one should be without hot water. That is why we have a range of products to suit all walks of life – including gas hot water storage systems.

No one plans to have their hot water system break, so we offer interest-free payment plans and work with you and your budget to find the product and plan that suits your hot water needs and financial situation.

If you need an upgrade and want time to decide which hot water system is best for you, or your unit breaks down at an inconvenient time, and you can’t be home for the full length of the repairs – don’t stress! Our friendly team can put your hot water on life-support with a temporary hot water unit and come back to finish the job when it suits you. We’ll never leave you cold or with a mess!

Browse our selection of gas storage systems from the leading brands below.

Or better yet, call Ritz Plumbing & Electrical today at 13 74 89 to see if a gas hot water storage system is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Dux range

Ritz Plumbing & Electrical is a proud supplier and installer of Dux Hot Water Systems. Dux has developed cutting-edge technologies that have helped households minimise their hot water expenses while exceeding consumer expectations, thanks to a strong focus on research and development.

Rheem range

Rheem has been the trusted provider of hot water in millions of Australian houses since manufacturing its first water heater in 1939. With Rheem, you’ll get steady, hot and strong water constantly – it’s their guarantee.

Vulcan range

Vulcan is a leading option for hot water heaters. Vulcan is renowned for high-quality and performance while maintaining a very affordable price. Manufactured by Rheem Australia, Vulcan also offers the benefit of being easily serviced and repaired as parts can easily be acquired by our plumbers and technicians.