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An evaporative aircon service from Ritz Plumbing & Electrical is just what you need to keep your family cool in the West Australian summer. With our Mediterranean climate, evaporative air conditioning is the best option to combat the heat.

Perth is famous for its hot, dry summers which means our climate, unlike most places in the world, is uniquely effective for running evaporative air conditioners and getting the maximum benefit from evaporative cooling methods.

Air conditioning is as integral to Perth life as a long weekend down south. That’s why we’re proud to share our local expertise in evaporative air conditioning – Perth’s best choice for home cooling within our community.

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What is Evaporative Air Conditioning?

An evaporative air conditioner takes the hot outside air and forces it through moist pads that have been saturated by an internal water pump. As the hot outside air is drawn through the series of moist pads, water from the pads evaporates into the air which cools and humidifies it. The cool humidified air is then blown through the vents  located throughout your home providing you with your very own Freo Doctor on demand.

This simple but highly effective mechanism means that an evaporative aircon can cool your entire house down while using around 75% less energy than other air conditioners on average. With our dry summer air, an evaporative aircon is the perfect solution to combating the Perth heat.

Not only are evaporative aircons friendly on the wallet, they also have a far lower energy usage and use no potentially hazardous refrigerants. This makes evaporative aircons the most eco-friendly option for households across Perth.

With other air conditioning solutions, people often resort to trapping the cold air indoors and end up breathing stale and dry air in an effort to stay cool. However, evaporative cooling relies on the warm outside air to produce a cool breeze. This means they function best with a window or two open, keeping a constant supply of fresh and cool air flowing through your home. The increased moisture content in the air also takes care of the dry heat that Perth is famous for.

Repairs & Servicing

While evaporative air conditioners are ideal for the hot and dry Perth weather, it can be common for many Perth homeowners to go extended periods without using them in the winter months.

When it’s finally time to switch your evaporative or ducted air conditioning on, it pays to be prepared by ensuring it has been serviced and maintained regularly.

Get in touch with us today and discuss your options with our friendly Perth-based team.

What’s included in an evaporative aircon service?

An evaporative aircon service involves our expert technicians dismantling your rooftop unit to complete a comprehensive check and maintenance. Some of the steps include:

Thoroughly cleaning the filter pads, removing any built-up debris and dirt.
Washing out the sump and disinfecting all parts of the unit to prevent any health and maintenance issues.
Checking that your roof flashings are waterproof and free of any bird nests or debris.
Full function testing, to identify any other potential issues that might impact the effectiveness of your system.

What are the benefits of regular servicing?

By servicing your evaporative aircon regularly, you can experience a range of benefits benefits including:

Your home cooling faster and more efficiently with unimpeded airflow
The lifespan and functionality of your evaporative air conditioner improving
Avoiding any potential mid-summer breakdowns
An increase in savings on your energy bills by ensuring the unit is running as efficiently as possible
The air quality in your home improving by having the stale water, mould and debris removed from the filters

Why Choose Ritz P&E?

Working plumbing, air conditioning and electrical infrastructure is essential in every household. That’s why we want to make the processes of repairs, maintenance and upgrading easier by offering:

Friendly & professional service from qualified tradespeople, so you can trust we get the job done
No mess, so you won’t even know we’ve been
Interest-free payment plans approved instantly, to get rid of the upfront cost
WA owned and operated, so we’re locals too & understand Perth’s unique requirements

0% Interest Payment Plans Available

Sometimes the unexpected happens and we know it can be tough on the wallet when you need us right now. That’s why we’ve partnered with Brighte to offer interest-free payment plans on any and all work completed by us. Flexible and convenient fixed-payment options are available with fast approvals, to help you sooner.


New Installations & Replacements

Looking to upgrade to an evaporative aircon or replace your existing unit? Ritz Plumbing & Electrical is a proud trusted supplier of most popular evaporative aircon brands, and have many years of experience installing them all around Perth.

Plus, we have payment plans available through our partners Brighte and Humm, so you can beat the heat right away and pay later.

Why choose an evaporative aircon?

Evaporative coolers have much lower running costs. According to Sustainability Victoria, evaporative air conditioners cost 50% to 75% less than centralised split-system air conditioners.
As well as using much less energy than other air conditioners, evaporative coolers don’t rely on dangerous gases such as freon for cooling.
Fresh, clean air is distributed throughout the house on a constant basis.
Increased moisture content in the air can help to combat the dry heat that Perth is famous for.
They work well in larger spaces and are best for cooling down whole houses.

Our team will be happy to discuss your needs, and recommend the most suitable and affordable system to keep your entire house cool. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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