Split System Repairs and Installs

The team at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical are specialists in split system air conditioner installations.

Split system air conditioners are a fantastic choice for many households and commercial residences in Perth as they are multipurpose – keeping you cool in the summer months and warm throughout the winter.

They are cost effective and easy to use with many different functions to help you reach the ideal temperature and climate within your home.

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What makes split systems a great choice?

Split systems are a great option for households and businesses in Perth because they allow you to create the perfect temperature – rain, hail or shine!

Our split systems will keep you cool throughout summer and warm during  the colder months. Just set your desired temperature on the controller and once your split system has achieved it, it will enter into an energy efficient mode that uses less power to maintain your ideal climate setting.

They are also an excellent choice for people with allergies and asthma as they regulate airflow and can help to minimise the amount of dust and other allergens that get stirred up in the air.

An excellent option for Perth

Split system air conditioners are a fantastic choice for many households in Perth. Our Mediterranean climate means we get long periods of hot and dry summer weather. On top of that, we get clear sunny days for more than 1/3 of the year – it’s no wonder we’re Australia’s Sunniest Capital City!

To beat the summer heat, a split system is a great cost effective option. Each model we stock comes with a range of functions, modes and settings so you can establish the exact temperature you want in your home or business.

Upgrade to a reverse cycle split system ahead of those cold winter nights

It’s hard to imagine in the heat of summer that Perth ever gets cold. But as locals know, our winter night lows get lower than Brisbane and even Sydney!

To top it off, a lot of buildings around Perth are not thickly insulated and struggle to keep the heat in once temperatures drop. This means when winter rolls around it can get very chilly indoors – sometimes feeling colder than the temperature outside! This is where a reverse cycle split system comes in handy.

A reverse cycle split system is able to both heat and cool! They can reverse the movement of air, so instead of making your property colder, they can move cold air out and keep the heat in! Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

How do split systems work?

Split systems have been given their name because they are split up into two parts. An indoor component and an outdoor component.

The indoor component is installed on the wall in the room or area that requires cooling (or heating) and the outdoor component is installed on the outside of the property. A refrigerant is circulated between the two components until the desired temperature is achieved.

In cooling mode, the refrigerant takes heat from the inside air and releases that heat into the air outside through the fan on the outdoor component. This causes the air inside to cool down until it reaches the desired temperature you have set.

In heating mode, this process reverses and you can quickly warm up your space to your ideal preference.

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