Heat your water efficiently - with the air around us

Often likened to solar power without the sun, a heat pump system is a very effective heat solution. A hot water heat pump provides many benefits to the property it’s installed in including being cost-effective, energy and environmentally efficient and extremely durable.

Ritz Plumbing & Electrical stock, deliver and install leading heat pump systems from multiple brands. With our same-day service, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, we are a leading choice for heat pumps in Perth. If you are interested in a Heat Pump system for your Perth commercial and/or residential property, contact Ritz Plumbing & Electrical for expert and prompt assistance.

Heat pumps

Enviroheat range

The Enviroheat system is the perfect addition to your rooftop solar system. Whether you have an existing solar system on your home or you are considering it for the future, the Enviroheat is the perfect choice to add to your system to gain maximum benefit from the energy generated by the sun.

EvoHeat range

Heat pumps are quickly becoming a popular heating option for both residential and commercial applications. EvoHeat offers a variety of high-efficiency heat pump solutions designed primarily for residential and commercial use.

Rheem range

Rheem has been the trusted provider of hot water in millions of Australian houses since manufacturing its first water heater in 1939. With Rheem, you’ll get steady, hot and strong water constantly – it’s their guarantee.