Heat your water efficiently with an abundant and free resource - air!

Often likened to a thermal battery or solar power without the sun, a heat pump is a very effective investment for your property and future savings. Heat pumps use an advanced method to extract heat from the ambient air to heat your hot water.

How do heat pumps work? Well, there’s a bit of science to it! There is an abundant free source of energy in the air molecules outside. This energy is what keeps the air in a gaseous state. The heat pump uses a tiny bit of electricity to extract some of this energy into an evaporator.

The refrigerant inside the evaporator gets given energy from the air molecules and turns from liquid to gas. Then the gaseous refrigerant is compressed in a condenser which squishes it down causing the refrigerant molecules to release energy in the form of thermal energy (heat)!

This thermal energy is used to heat your hot water to a specified temperature which is stored in a tank ready and waiting to be used.

Heat pumps even work when it’s cold in Perth – there is enough heat in the air to be extracted in all seasons!

Heat pumps are a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly option because they make use of a free resource – the air outside.

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Heat pumps

Enviroheat range

The Enviroheat system is the perfect addition to your rooftop solar system. Whether you have an existing solar system on your home or you are considering it for the future, the Enviroheat is the perfect choice to add to your system to gain maximum benefit from the energy generated by the sun.

EvoHeat range

Heat pumps are quickly becoming a popular heating option for both residential and commercial applications. EvoHeat offers a variety of high-efficiency heat pump solutions designed primarily for residential and commercial use.

Rheem range

Rheem has been the trusted provider of hot water in millions of Australian houses since manufacturing its first water heater in 1939. With Rheem, you’ll get steady, hot and strong water constantly – it’s their guarantee.