What causes a blocked stormwater drain?

Several things can cause a stormwater drain to get blocked, including a build-up of leaves, dirt, and mud; foreign objects such as stones; poor installation; invasion by tree roots and damage to pipes.

Some of the best ways to avoid a blocked stormwater drain are to:

  • Remove debris, such as leaves and sticks, from downpipes and gutters
  • Flush out any blockages immediately with a hose
  • Check drains regularly to inspect if there’s any damage
  • Install gutter guards

No more blocked stormwater drains!

We proudly provide a range of blocked stormwater drain solutions alongside our emergency response service, including hydro-jetting, CCTV pipe inspection, downpipes and gutter cleaning. 

For an affordable, fast and reliable service of your stormwater drains across the whole of Perth, contact the Ritz Plumbing & Electrical team at 13 74 89!

What to do if you suspect you have a blocked stormwater drain?

Call an experienced plumber, don’t let it wait! A blocked stormwater drain can be hazardous to your property and the environment.

On top of that, there are several issues that can look like a blocked stormwater drain, so it is important to call a plumber that will have the right knowledge and tools on hand to diagnose and fix the issue. At Ritz Plumbing & Electrical, our experienced team have fast response times across all the Perth suburbs and arrive well equipped to fix a variety of issues you may be having.

Remember, if you suspect you have a blocked stormwater drain, it’s important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your property.

Diagnosing a blocked stormwater drain

Whereas other plumbing issues can be easier to confirm, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a stormwater drain is blocked.

One of the most notable signs of a blockage are gurgling sounds coming from your drains. Another clear sign is a big puddle or water pooling around your property or running back towards it, especially after rain.

A good tip is to look carefully at the pattern of the water – if it’s not freely flowing, there’s a high chance an obstruction is present.

How will you fix my blocked stormwater drain?

Upon arriving at your property, the experienced team at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical will quickly confirm if your  stormwater drain is blocked. A few things can look like a blocked stormwater drain but turn out to be something else at inspection. If it turns out that another issue causing your problems, our team is always well-equipped and can address your issue right then and there.

If we do find a blockage in your stormwater drain, we will begin safely removing the obstruction using a range of advanced plumbing tools including hydro-jets guided by special cameras – a lot like keyhole surgery!

We service all of Perth

A blocked stormwater drain is an issue that should be addressed immediately, especially in the winter months. If left unresolved, a blocked stormwater drain can cause significant damage to a property and the environment. That’s why we service all Perth suburbs.

When it comes to blocked stormwater drains it’s critical your family contacts an experienced team that is capable of resolving the issue promptly. Ritz Plumbing & Electrical is a team of qualified professionals with fast response times no matter where in Perth you are.